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1/tbeebk company offering booking for doctors through mobile app or website Or by direct dialing 2792.

2/ Reservations are for a fee of (25sdg) after choosing a doctor selected by the client

3/ The client receives a text message that contains a bill number after it Please pay in one payment methods.

4/ The client is notified to confirm booking after payment of the prescribed fees

5/ If the client wanted to scrap booking has to notify the company of three hours before the deadlines Or cancel the booking by applying TBEEBK app for Mobile

6/ When the client cancel the reservation before three hours have the right to build on previous fees at booking again for a week

7/ Disclosure to the patient fees

Be directly between the client and the doctor

8/ The Company is not responsible for any mis-diagnoses or medical mistake

9/ In the event that a customers commitment to the deadline It must be subject to the rules of the hospital or clinic.

10/ Any delay or cancellation of the clinic dates will be treated by the doctor to set a date last satisfy our client

11/ If I had any complaint with our client or comment on one of the doctors service, it can be sent to us by e-mail

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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


TBEEBK is a simple way to solve the searching for doctors by name ,specialized , hospital , city or health insurance companies you belong by providing an application for smart phones ,website or call center to provide health care that enables patients to complete digital booking services operations.

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